Ok folks, it’s just after 10pm here and I just finished my second cardio workout of the Fat Loss Quickie Experience. I’m literally out of breath and chugging the water as I type this. You’ll notice I did 2 workouts today since I was a slacker and didn’t do Day 1 yesterday.

That my friends was AWESOME!


In case you missed it, yesterday I started the new routine. I’m only doing the cardio portion of the workouts for now until I get my stability ball. You can see how I did earlier today (Day 1) by clicking the link below.

The Wahmmy’s Fat Loss Quickie Day 1 Cardio Workout

Although I didn’t quite make it to doing the mountain climbers as fast or as long as I was supposed to, I’m happy that I was able to do the full 5 sets tonight.

With that I’m going to pick up around here a bit and hit the sack. Want to get up early tomorrow and get my workout in in the AM because I felt so much more focused & energized after this morning’s workout.

Are you blogging about your Fat Loss Quickie Journey too?

Don’t forget to sign Mr. Linky below with your link to your Day 2 post so myself and everyone else who signs it can come by and cheer you on! You’re doing great…Keep it up!

3 Comments to “Fat Loss Quickie Cardio Day 2: Jumping Rope and Climbing Mountains”

  1. Angela Wills Says:

    hehe, I did the Day 2 exercise at like 11:50PM myself too. But today did both exercises by 4pm. Still want to listen to the motivation audio though.

    Wow that Mr.Linky thing is cool! I think I’ll have to add that to all my updates too :)

    Congrats on doing this Arika! I feel like I’m in a fitness class with friends. We CAN do this for sure. I’ve got a goal to fit back into that leather jacket and I’m doing it No Matter What!


    Arika Reply:

    Thanks Angela! Yes I agree about the working out with friends. Sure does make it a lot more fun doesn’t it?

    Yes you WILL fit in that jacket just like I will have Sexy Mama Abs. ;)

    Going to have a bit of a change to the Mr. Linky (found out I can only link to one at a time on my blog…it’s all good I’ve got an idea to make it even easier to link to your posts! Stay tuned.


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