This Sexy Abs Seeking Mama is kicking things up a notch this week with the Fat Loss Quickie home office workouts. Not only am I putting things on a whole new level, but so is Scott (and even Nicole has some fun planned for this week’s Friday workout). I’ll get to those things in just a minute, but first let me explain things on my end.

How I’m Upping My Game

I finally got my stability ball last weekend so starting yesterday I began doing the resistance (weight) portion as well as the cardio portion of the FLQ workouts. So far, I’m loving it!

Am I sore? Oh, heck yeah!  My shoulders, upper arms and chest are really feeling it after the past 2 days’ workouts, but I’m ok with that – it means it’s working. I actually feel more energized after the resistance part (which I do in the morning) than I do after the cardio (which seems to be kicking my tushie more this week than before).

So, I’m still in it for the long haul. I finally found a workout I can fit into my busy day as a mama of 3, wife and business owner. Above and beyond that, I’ve found a community of people who are just like me and who will help hold me accountable. Thank you to all of you keeping up with my progress and cheering me on by the way. YOU are the biggest reason I’ve stuck with this – nothing like public accountability to make it happen, right? ;)

How Scott’s Making Fat Loss Quickie Even Better!

I’ll be honest I really didn’t think it could get any better.  As if having a personal trainer at pretty much my beck and call for only $20 wasn’t enough. Once again he has proven me wrong (in a good way) and given us EVEN more than he already has.

  1. Tracking Printouts – We now have printouts to help us track our progress on each of the daily exercises. I printed mine out and kept records so that next week I can see the improvements I’ve made for each specific exercise.
  2. Workout Video Downloads - Before we had streaming video for each day’s workout and some of the participants (myself included but not as bad as others) had problems with the videos freezing or stopping during playback. Now, we have the option to download the videos directly to our computer making the inability of our Internet connections to keep up.  This also makes it a lot easier to go back to the videos after the first week because after week 1 you do the same workouts every week.
  3. FLQ Home Office Fitness Transformation Contest – Oh yeah, you read that right! To find out more about the first transformation contest, have a look at this video. I can tell you there are some smokin’ prizes that I’ve got my eye on – including being on stage with Scott at NAMS3 and $500 cash!

Talk about making this MORE than worthwhile, hu? I strongly urge you to join in the fun (Yes, I just called fitness fun!) It’s only 2 – 10 minute workouts a day and those 10 minutes go by FAST, but more importantly they WORK!

To learn more about FLQ and the contest Scott is holding – click here!

Until tomorrow’s update!

Onward & Upward to Health & Wealth,


Oh before I go – don’t forget to head over and sign the McLinky so I can visit your Fat Loss Quickie progress too!

And visit the other participants’ blogs and cheer them on too!

5 Comments to “Fat Loss Quickie:We’re Kicking Things Up a Notch Everywhere!”

  1. Nicole Dean Says:

    So very proud of you for sticking with this!

    I was getting worried about both of us, putting everything ahead of our own health.

    2010 is gonna rock! Go sexy mama abs, go!


    Arika Reply:

    I’m proud of both of us! We really have come a long way baby! And…we’ve got a long, happier, healthier and wealthier road ahead.

    Love ya!


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  3. Body2Shape Says:

    I’ll check out the Fat Loss Quickie you’re advocating! Sounds good!


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