Mom Generations Giveaways

Written by Arika

December 1, 2008

Ok, it’s Christmas time ladies…(like you didn’t already know that right? ;) and I’ve found some awesome giveaways this year. I’m going to do my best to post them all in one big post soon, but for now I wanted to tell you about one of my favorites.

Over at Mom Generations they have the coolest video holiday guide and awesome giveaways each and every day.

I’m a bit behind as they are now on Day 5, but I will start with Day 1. It’s all about the kiddos as the ladies show us some of the hottest toys for kids in the first holiday guide video. I just love the naughty and nice T-shirts they’re giving away and the Didj is definitely on a few Christmas lists this year that I have to buy for. Nothing beats education and fun so I’m game for that one. ;)

Click here to head on over to Mom Generations to find out about all the prizes and how you can enter.

I’ll be back in a bit with some more cool contests and giveaways.

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