You Should See Me Blushing…

Written by Arika

December 17, 2008

I’m so proud. My friends and fellow wahmmies, Tracy and Nicole both shot me this link today within a matter of about 2 minutes.

Top 10 WAHM Blogs

When I saw the link I knew it could only mean one thing…Kelly had posted the winners of the Top 10 WAHM Blogs at Sparkplugging. When I arrived at the post I was pleasantly surprised to see OUR blog was on the list! :) How cool is that? And lookie what we got to show the world.

Thanks to all my wonderful wahmmies who make this a great place to be!

Tricia, LeaAnn, Carrie, Daisy, Tracy, Mary, Tsoniki, Shannon, & LaTara I thank you all so much for making They Call Me Wahmmy a place that others truly enjoy and deem worthy of coming back to. You Gals knock my socks off!

Congratulations to all the other winners! Keep on rockin’ the WAHM Blog world ladies. :)

To celebrate, I’ve got 2 new wahmmies I’ll be introducing this week! Check back to see who they are – I think you’ll like them. When they post make them feel welcome pretty please.

One Comment to “You Should See Me Blushing…”

  1. Mary Lutz Says:

    Congrats!!! That’s awesome!!! I love the WAHMMIES!!!

    Mary Lutz’s last blog post..I Won Another Giveaway!


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